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Grant Proposal Application Information

The Ippolito Charitable Foundation of Galveston will only consider grant applications from qualifying 501c3/tax-exempt nonprofit organizations within the City of Galveston, Texas.  Grant applications for programs operating within the City of Galveston, Texas even if operated by an organization that is based elsewhere within the State of Texas will also be considered.


  • Fund-raising benefits will not be considered or funded.

  • Only one proposal per organization per year will be considered.

  • Grants up to $10,000 will be considered.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Applications MUST be submitted Word.doc form via EMAIL ONLY to grants@ippolitofoundation.org and must be received no later than April 1st. If received after April 1st the proposal will be considered for the following fiscal year.

APPLICATION DETAILS:   All applications must include the following requested information, as completely and briefly as possible.  Each proposal should be no more than 3 pages (excluding attachments).  Please contact grants@ippolitofoundation.org for clarification in any area of proposal.

Organization Information:

  • Name of organization including address, phone number and website address

  • Organization Tx ID / EIN number
  • Name and email address of contact person

  • Brief description of organization including mission statement and history

  • Annual operating budget (please attach)

  • Amount being requested

Project/Program Information:


  • Brief description of project/program including title

  • Brief description of collaborators involved with this project/program, if any.

    • Briefly describe the roles of each collaborating organization for this project/program.

    • Describe the elements that make your project/service/program different from others provided by other organizations, if any.

  • Timeline of project/program

  • Budget for this project/program (income and expenses)

  • Describe your organization’s fundraising plan for this project/program, and include the following information:

    • List all other organizations that provide funding for this project/program.

    • List the amounts being solicited, received or pledged.

    • If no funds have been raised to date for this project/program, describe how your organization has been successful in raising funds in past years.

    • Describe the plan of action for this project/program if your organization is unable to raise the full amount needed pursuant to your fundraising plan.

  • Plans for evaluation: please specify expected outcomes, including proposed methods for measurement and monitoring.  Describe the impact these outcomes will have on the project or issue.

  • For requests for funding to support operational endeavors, please include the following information:

    • The organization’s goals for the year

    • A list of other organizations that currently provide funding to your organization or have provided funding in past years.

    • Describe your organization’s current fundraising efforts (including amounts that are currently being solicited or have already been received or pledged).

    • Describe how your organization has been successful in raising funds in past years.